Richey Racquet Fitness Gym and Racquet Ball Club was established in 1981.  Our facility includes not only our racquetball courts, but also a weight room, cardio room, boxing gym, and dojo. 


Richey Racquet has a true weight room for bodybuilders and powerlifting, where grunting is welcomed.  Don't fret, however, if you aren't a bodybuilder or powerlifter.  Our facility has equipment that can be used even by novice exercisers.  Free weights, benches, squat racks, and a variety of machines for all parts of the body are available so that you can strengthen every muscle.


Our cardio room includes not only the treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes that most gyms have, but also rowing machines and a hand bike.  There are lots of options for getting your heart rate up and burning some fat!


Richey Racquet is the only indoor racquetball club in Pasco County.  We have 7 air conditioned courts.  We host local and state tournaments.  One of our courts also doubles as our group exercise room for our group exercise classes.